What could be a NASA training exercise, but from a high school marching band drummer, has caught the attention of Motley Crue stickman Tommy Lee. Take a peek at Chantilly, Virginia's own Kenzie Conner pulling some G's and pumping up the crowd at a recent Westfield High football game.

The video was shared by Tiktok user Meredith Sanders, overdubbed with AC/DC's Thunderstruck, and then posted on Consequence's Instagram, where Tommy Lee saw it. Tommy's comment?

Consequence Instagram
Consequence Instagram

The somewhat grainy Instagram post can be blamed for Tommy gender-confusion.

Regardless, the original video has racked up over 50k likes so far, and has also been dubbed over with the Crue's Dr. Feelgood.

Tommy hasn't always been so generous in his praise for high flying music stunts. Back in 2018, Lee accused rapper-singer Travis Scott of ripping him off when Scott performed on a 360 degree rollercoaster.

And piled on after seeing another video with Scott on a coaster similar to the Cruecifly that Motley Crue used during their final run.

Perhaps Tommy likes the high school kid because it's an amateur vs. pro situation?  Or that the kid is actually drumming?

Anyway, Tommy and Motley Crue are gearing up for the twice-postponed Stadium Tour with Def Leppard set to start in June 2022. Surely Lee's groundbreaking drum circus skills will be on full display then.

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