Ever heard a Tool or Nirvana song played on a dulcimer?

Inventive musicians are always coming up with ways to perform creative cover versions of their favorite songs; Anthony "Bones" Reid is no exception. The Pennsylvania-based performer, who records under the moniker Horns of Pan, has plied YouTube with some well-known rock and metal songs performed on the yangqin, a Chinese hammered dulcimer. Unsurprisingly, they sound exquisitely exotic.

Watch a handful of them down toward the bottom of this post.

Reid's anything if not prolific. In the last couple of years, the musician has filmed himself playing yangqin covers of Tool's "Lateralus," Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box," Opeth's "Patterns in the Ivy," the Cure's "Close to Me" and Porcupine Tree's "Lazarus," in addition to several others.

He also has a strong singing voice, as CoS pointed out. When playing yangqin renditions, Reid accompanies himself on vocals. Plus, additional performers such as guitarist Nick Veld occasionally join in.

It just goes to show that good songs can translate to pretty much any musical instrument. Thankfully, forward-thinking players like Reid are around to open listeners' minds and expose them to the types of performances they might not typically see in the rock world.

For more dulcimer goodness, check out Horns of Pan on Facebook. One can also hear the rest of Reid's imaginative cover versions — there's plenty more Tool to be had — on his YouTube page.

Horns of Pan - "Lateralus" (Tool Yangqin Cover)

Horns of Pan - "Heart-Shaped Box" (Nirvana Yangqin Cover)

Horns of Pan ft. Nick Veld - "Patterns in the Ivy" (Opeth Yangqin Cover)

Horns of Pan - "Close to Me" (The Cure Yangqin Cover)

Horns of Pan - "Lazarus" (Porcupine Tree Yangqin Cover)

Horns of Pan - "Descending" (Tool Yangqin Cover)

Horns of Pan - Full Yangqin Livestream Set

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