Yes, the rumors are true — Tool are indeed selling a $500 CD on tour... but why is the price so high?

What Is Tool's $500 CD?

This $500 CD is a 30th anniversary reissue of Tool's debut album, Undertow, limited to 7,000 signed copies and is only available for purchase on tour. This combination of factors greatly contributes to the lofty price tag and, for the most diehard fan, it may be worth forking over half a grand in USD to be one of a small, small percentage of loyalists who own a physical copy of this rarity.

As showcased by bassist Justin Chancellor in an unboxing video, the CD reissue features some elaborate packaging and Chancellor himself oversaw the art direction for the project. The Undertow reissue comes with a photo booklet, lenticular postcard-sized image and a commemorative coin sculpted by Vahan Bego.

Interestingly, Chancellor wasn't a member of Tool when Undertow came out in 1993, having joined two years later.

Watch the unboxing clip directly below.

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Where Can Fans Purchase the Limited Edition Reissue of Tool's Undertow?

This special version of Undertow will be available for purchase on Tool's 2023 and 2024 tours. The latter is currently ongoing and will wrap up on Nov. 21. Meanwhile, the band is already looking ahead to next year, having recently announced a winter U.S. trek with Elder, which runs from Jan. 10 through Feb. 18.

Are Tool Working on a New Album?

Chancellor recently revealed that Tool have "many ideas" for the eventual successor to 2019's Fear Inoculum and that the band intends to enter the studio to work on new music in the spring once they finish up their touring commitments.

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