If you write the best song in the world, there’s no shame in writing it again and again and again. These 10 bands found their sound immediately and didn’t waver in decades, finding huge success along the way.

No band used the power of four chords like the Ramones. Cementing the genre of punk rock in the process, the Ramones stuck to their guns for 22 years and 14 studio albums. Johnny Ramone played power chords almost exclusively, with just a few Ramones classics deviating from buzzsaw down picking.

When you play brutal death metal, there’s nowhere else to go but more and more brutal. Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation are both pioneers of metal’s most deranged and blood-splattered subgenre, having crushed skulls since before the birth of grunge. Both bands have remained vicious and obviously have no intent on going soft.

Who in their right mind wants AC/DC to start writing a “different” type of song? AC/DC have filled stadiums around the world with their pure form of rock ’n’ roll, with fans never complaining about a lack of diverse songwriting. Whether with Bon Scott or Brian Johnson, AC/DC has always been AC/DC.

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