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Lots of bands make up fictitious creatures for their songs that reek havoc on humanity. Others write about the most dangerous of all creatures to humanity … real-life serial killers. I myself became fascinated with them when I spent the terrifying summer of 1976 in Yonkers, N.Y. I was 10 years old and staying with my aunt and uncle while the Son of Sam killed with abandon in that very area. I spent most nights hiding under the sheets scared stiff and shaking. Other nights there was something else stiff under the covers. And then some shaking. The dog told me to do it. Check out these Top 10 Songs About Real-Life Serial Killers.

  • 10

    "Nothing to Gein"


    Serial Killer: Ed Gein

    Spine-chilling lyric: "Aprons of flesh corpse scaled hair with skin upon my face."

    Mild-mannered farmer Ed Gein is the real-life inspiration for movie madmen such as Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs, Leatherface from Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Norman Bates from Psycho.

    I’ve never killed anyone and I’ve only been the inspiration for one movie character … Dirk Diggler.

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    "Dead Skin Mask"


    Serial Killer: Ed Gein

    Spine-chilling lyric: "The brush of dead-warm flesh pacifies the means / Incised members ornaments on my being."

    In the '50s, Steady Eddie was known to dig up the corpses of women, remove their skin and fashioned masks from it. Thankfully, that's not how Corey Taylor designed his first Slipknot mask.

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    "Jeffrey Dahmer"


    Serial Killer: Jeffrey Dahmer

    Spine-chilling lyric: "They feed the need of his cannibal mind / Bloody murders he left behind."

    One of many songs about this psychopath from Milwaukee who confessed to killing, mutilating, committing necrophilia and eating his victims. You can probably guess that this tune isn't exactly a soft ballad.

  • 7

    "The Ballad of Leonard & Charles"


    Serial Killer: Leonard Lake & Charles Ng

    Spine-chilling lyric: "Bodies thrown down into a hole / Maggots consuming the flesh."

    Together they videotaped and killed as many as 25 individuals in the Sierra Nevada foothills in the mid-'80s. Didn’t quite become the YouTube sensations they’d anticipated. Committed more bloodshed to film than seen in Rob Zombie's movies.

  • 6

    "Ted, Just Admit It"

    Jane's Addiction

    Serial Killer: Ted Bundy

    Spine-chilling lyric: "Now sister’s not a virgin anymore / Her sex is violent."

    Back in 1988 when Jane’s Addiction released the album Nothing’s Shocking, they were right -- including the vicious, senseless killings of at least 30 young women at the murderous hand of Ted Bundy in the mid-'70s. Then again, when they proclaimed that nothing was shocking, how were they to know that Metallica would eventually record and release an album with Lou Reed?

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    "Countess Bathory"


    Serial Killer: Coutness Elizabeth Bathory De Ecsed

    Spine-chilling lyric: "The Countess takes her midnight bath with blood that once gave life."

    This literal femme fatale is in the "Guinness Book of World’s Records" as the most prolific female serial killer in history with as many as 650 victims. In the 1600s, she was said to bathe in the blood of virgins to retain her youth. Morose, unsanitary and yet still smelled better than one of those goth girls bathed in patchouli oil.

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    "The Ripper"

    Judas Priest

    Serial Killer: Jack the Ripper

    Spine-chilling lyric: "When you least expect me and you turn your back, I’ll attack."

    Killed five or more prostitutes in the late 1800s in London’s East End by slashing throats, mutilating abdomens and disemboweling them. Long before Night Ranger, the original Jack Blades.

  • 3

    "Killer on the Loose"

    Thin Lizzy

    Serial Killer: Jack the Ripper

    Spine-chilling lyric: "But honey I’m confessing / I’m a mad sexual rapist."

    To this date, still the most baffling unsolved mystery next to Nickelback's popularity.

  • 2

    "Psychopathy Red"


    Serial Killer: Andrie Chikatilo

    Spine-chilling lyric: "Organs cooked / Bled out potency now I am complete."

    Russian serial killer who confessed to mutilating and murdering at least 52 women and children between 1978-1990. Also known as "The Red Ripper." Not to be confused with "The Red Rocker" who killed no women and children. Only Van Halen.

  • 1

    "Bloodbath in Paradise"

    Ozzy Osbourne

    Serial Killer: Charles Manson

    Spine-chilling lyric: "There’s blood on the walls when Charlie and the family make house calls."

    Charles Manson is the most famous sadistic mastermind in American history. When you carve a swastika into your forehead it’s the only title you can hold.

    Even more frightening is that after 40-plus years behind bars and credited with conspiracy in seven killings, an 80-year-old Charlie is marrying his 26-year-old girlfriend. In 40-plus years of freedom and ZERO killings I still haven’t found ANYONE willing to marry ME.

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