Some music was simply made for the bedroom, so if you’re looking for that perfect song to lose your V-card to (no matter your sex or sexuality), allow us to suggest these 10 tracks.

There’s no better Rammstein lyric than “Blitzkrieg with the meat rifle,” and you can thank 2009’s “Pussy” for that line. We refuse to believe that Till Lindemanncan’t get laid in Germany,” but “Pussy” has become a fan favorite thanks to its ridiculously X-rated video and Till’s wiener cannon at concerts.

Gentlemen, if you’re looking to get that special lady in the mood, take our advice and throw on some Type O Negative. Peter Steele’s voice has always been a panty-dropper and “Christian Woman” is one of the Green Man’s sexiest pieces.

Tool’s “Parabol / Parabola” can be perceived in many ways, but it’s undoubtedly about holding on to life’s most precious moments. When Maynard sings about “this holy experience” and “this body holding me,” images of sex can’t help but come up. Rather than a dirty romp anthem, “Parabol / Parabola” can be interpreted as a more spiritual look at coitus, which could make for an ideal “first time.”

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