Extreme metal takes form in all contorted shapes, but for the most part, it has the same mission statement, which is to push the boundaries of metal as far as they can go. Whether grindcore bands try to play as fast as humanly possible or funeral doom bands serving as the antithesis and playing at a menacingly slow pace, they are all alike in a way.

Metal has always been more abrasive than most mainstream media can handle, but the bands on this list have no interest in dominating radio waves. This music is played with passion, conviction and devotion.

This list is not for the fair weather heavy metal fan, as it features bands who utilize harsh vocals almost exclusively, sometimes to undeserving immediate dismissal. Open your mind and open your ears as Loudwire counts down the Top 25 Extreme Metal Albums in the gallery above.

You Think You Know Death?

You Think You Know Black Metal?

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