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Fighting is a part of everyday life. There’s a reason Danzig getting knocked out has almost 3 million views on YouTube. People love to watch other people fight -- sports like boxing, MMA, UFC & WWE; films like Fight Club, Raging Bull and Enter the Dragon; hell, I’ll even watch The Real Housewives if I know there’s going to be a beat down. Someone throws a punch, we’ll watch it.

Me, I’m not a fighter. I had one fight in the eighth grade that ended when my opponent threw a desk at me. Fight over. The only body shots I’m interested in are in the belly button of an intoxicated hottie laying on top of the bar.

There are so many songs about fighting, brawling, battling, scrapping, clobbering, combating and rastlin,’ but these are the best ones with the actual word “fight” in them.

  • 10

    "Before the Fight Ends You"


    Fighting for: Your life

    Fighting Words:End the fight before the fight ends you, of all the lies I’ve told this is the least untrue…”

    The last time I had to fight for my life was, coincidentally, at a Hatebreed show when I got knocked over in the mosh pit by a 14 year-old. Hey, she was a lot tougher than she looked.

  • 9

    "Fighting My Way Back"

    Thin Lizzy

    Fighting for: Yourself

    Fighting Words:This kid is going to wreck and ruin, I’m not quite sure of what I’m doing…”

    Thin Lizzy … the original Fighting Irish. I got my ass kicked by Thin Lizzy once. Actually it was a skinny, 14-year old girl named Elizabeth who took me out in the Hatebreed mosh pit.

  • 8

    "I Wanna Fight"


    Fighting for: Revenge

    Fighting Words:No sticks or stones gonna break the bones of the man who guns for you…”

    If your band name is TKO and your album name is In Your Face you BETTER have a good fighting song. The glam rock version of “them’s fighting words.”

  • 7

    "Fighting the World"


    Fighting for: Metal

    Fighting Words:Stripes on a tiger don’t wash away, Manowar’s made of steel not clay…”

    Do not ask Manowar to stop playing heavy metal or even to turn it down lest you find yourself on the losing end of beat down, courtesy of four men in loincloths.

  • 6

    "Gonna Be a Fight Tonight"

    Danko Jones

    Fighting for: Street fight

    Fighting Words:My tension’s stirred a mountain and there ain’t no going back, rumble’s gonna happen I hope they make it back…”

    Great band, great tune and the perfect theme song for any paparazzi encounter with Alec Baldwin.

  • 5

    "Fighting Against the World"


    Fighting: Against the rules of society

    Fighting Words:I’m fighting against the world, my back against the wall, there ain’t no way I’m gonna fall…”

    This battle hymn makes the point that there are so many things in life worth fighting for. So true. In my life I’ve fought a lot. I’ve fought for respect, success, financial security and so far, I’m 0 for 3.

  • 4

    "Fight for Your Rights"

    Motley Crue

    Fighting: Racism

    Fighting Words:So break the chains and solve the pains, and we all become one race…”

    Pretty deep territory for a band that wrote the strip club national anthem "Girls, Girls, Girls" and one of the better cuts from Theatre of Pain. If Donald Sterling had been a Crüe fan he’d probably still own the LA Clippers.

  • 3

    "The Fight Song"

    Marilyn Manson

    Fighting: Against the glorification of youth violence

    Fighting Words: “They’ll just cut our wrists like cheap coupons and say that death was on sale today…”

    The video depicts a violent football game between jocks and goths. I love the smell of jock straps and patchouli in the morning.

  • 2

    "Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't"


    Fighting: Zombies

    Fighting Words:In the end of everything the dead will rise and sing, fight ‘em ‘til you can’t fight no more…”

    The title of this zombie-killing thrill ride is a quote from the TV series Battlestar Galactica. With all the zombie shows on TV why not a song about them too? Anthrax can battle zombies AND lead singers.

  • 1

    "Fight the Good Fight"


    Fighting for: Control your own destiny

    Fighting Words:Fight the good fight every moment, every minute, every day…”

    Triumph, the best Canadian rock band not called Rush. A positive, uplifting song that urges you to be the master of your destiny. Not to be confused with Seinfeld’s “master of your domain.”

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