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If there’s one thing that heavy metal bands like to do, it’s show their love for metal ... and not shower ... and have sex with your sister. Metal musicians wear their love for heavy metal on their proverbial tattooed sleeves. And to further prove it, a lot of bands have at least one song with the word “metal” in it.

Metallica coined the phrase “Metal up your ass.” If you’re a metalhead you know this means it’s the hardest of the hardcore metal music. If not, it sounds like anal sex with the Terminator. Since then, bands have strived to find different ways to express their love for metal.

So, if you love metal, and you like hearing the word "metal," then this list of the Top 10 Songs With 'Metal' in the Title is for you:

  • 10

    "Made of Metal"


    Metallic equivalent: Bronze

    Stanzas of Steel:Super sonic silver flying machine, made of metal rides a laser beam…”

    Only the Metal God could write a song that combines UFOs and NASCAR. Just imagine a flying saucer covered in beef jerky and motor oil stickers taking a constant left turn around the track at Daytona.

  • 9

    "Metal Daze"


    Metallic rating: Bronze

    Stanzas of Steel:I hear the sound in a metal way, I feel the power rolling off the stage…”

    No one can argue that Manowar are warriors for metal. They eat, breath and s--t metal. They’re so metal it takes them two hours to get through airport security.

  • 8

    "Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver"

    Blue Oyster Cult

    Metallic rating: Cobalt

    Stanzas of Steel:Heavy metal black and silver, falling matter of the sun…”

    This ode to heavy from Fire of Unknown Origin was only upstaged by the Top 40 hit "Burning for You" from the same album. And while BOC were never really a “metal” band, they did have the heavy hand of Martin Birch producing on this one. The quirky "Joan Crawford" was also on this album, which made it go from “more cowbell” to “no more wire hangers.”

  • 7

    "Heavy Metal"

    Sammy Hagar

    Metallic rating: Cobalt

    Stanzas of Steel:Higher than high, feeling just right, call it heavy metal…”

    Before calling for ‘Mas Tequila’ or a piece of ‘Poundcake’ the Red Rocker proudly waved the metal flag on this ode to all things heavy. Enjoy with a tall glass of Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum or Cabo Wabo Tequila but please drink responsibly. You don’t want to puke metal!

  • 6

    "Heavy Metal"

    Judas Priest

    Metallic rating: Iron

    Stanzas of Steel:Hot shock waves charge the air, all heads are banging…”

    A true metal anthem from the underrated Ram It Down album. Other tracks from this disc include "Hard as Iron," "Come & Get It" and the title track "Ram It Down" which collectively sound like a wild night of passion with the Metal God.

  • 5

    "Pounding Metal"


    Metallic rating: Lead

    Stanzas of Steel:Dark night, intense fight, bone-crushing metal disease…”

    This is either a song about the ferocity of heavy metal or the ferocity of osteoporosis.

  • 4

    "Metal Church"

    Metal Church

    Metallic rating: Lead

    Stanzas of Steel:The metal church inside you it knows just who you are, who you are…”

    If there really was a metal place of worship these guys would be the house band and at the end of every service the pews would be moved to the side to make room for a righteous mosh pit.

  • 3

    "Metal on Metal"


    Metallic rating: Lead

    Stanzas of Steel:Metal on metal it’s what I crave, the louder the better I’ll turn in my grave…”

    Canadian metallers Anvil deliver metal with an extra layer of metal on top of it in this titanium tune. Say what you want about frontman Lips but you gotta respect a dude who can play slide guitar with a dildo.

  • 2

    "Metal Heart"


    Metallic rating: Steel

    Stanzas of Steel:Metal heart, metal heart unplugged they’re dying…”

    Metal heart, yes! Steelheart, sure! Iron lung, not so much.

  • 1

    "Heavy Metal Thunder"


    Metallic rating: Titanium

    Stanzas of Steel:If it’s too loud and you’re burning hot, fill your head with heavy metal thunder…”

    Biff and the boys take the top spot on this list of steel symphonies. There’s so much metal flowing through their veins their blood type is O S--T!

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