Pantera legend Dimebag Darrell has tragically been gone for 13 years, but the guitarist's legacy will live on forever. Fans will always have the music and now they can gain a deeper appreciation for where it came from with a tour through his house including the guitar vault, recording studio and one of the more lively home bathrooms.

Guitar World sent a camera crew to Dime's house where they first peered into his guitar collection, which is staggering. Cases upon cases are stacked alongside each other as tour guide "Outlaw" shows off some of the late axeman's favorites. Perhaps the most intriguing segment of the guitar vault is seeing the actual original body cutout that was designed by Dimebag himself.

Next, Outlaw takes viewers straight through the front door and as soon as the door is flung open, the inside makes a stunning visual impact. Holiday style lights are strewn all about the room, some blinking to give off greater effect. The house looks like the aftermath of one of the band's infamous parties, but it is surprisingly tidy given the amount of decorations topping just about every flat surface in sight and wall-to-wall memorabilia. The bathroom looks like any given dive bar with writing and signatures covering the walls.

Moving on, fans are given a glimpse of Dimebag's recording studio. The blinding gold-colored couch dominates the space, which is littered with posters of metal acts on the walls, coiled wires and cables and the mixing board. Outlaw even describes how Dime would run a cable straight out of the studio and into his car so he could listen to the mix on the car stereo.

The latest recording to surface featuring Dimebag's guitar tracks was Hellyeah's cover of "I Don't Care Anymore," originally done by Phil Collins. Guitarist Christian Brady had recommended covering the track and by sheer coincidence, Vinnie Paul and Dime had recorded a version with Damageplan. Dimebag's guitar tracks were isolated in the studio and synched up with Hellyeah's rendition.

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