Here's your incredibly awesome story of the day. A charity auction recently took place to rename a traffic circle in Jaworzno, Poland. The winner of the auction was given the opportunity to christen the circle with any name for one year, and thanks to the good people at Art-Com, the intersection has been dubbed 'Jeff Hanneman's Circle Pit.'

Legendary Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman passed away last year from liver failure at the age of 49. Hanneman's death evoked a seemingly infinite number of tributes, but this one just might be one of the coolest. For the next year, motorists will thrash their way around Jeff Hanneman's Circle Pit, the official sign of which also reads "unforgettable Slayer guitarist."

According to CentrumDruku3D [via Blabbermouth], the company Art-Com won the auction during the famous 'Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity,' which raises millions of dollars ever year for various project objectives. From this year's event, the funds raises will go towards "the purchase of specialized equipment for children's emergency medicine and deserving health care of seniors." The company rounded up 15,800 Polish Zloty (roughly $5,115) to win the auction and name the circle after Jeff Hanneman.

If you happen to be in Poland, drive on over to Jaworzno, blast some Slayer from your stereo and spend a few hours headbanging in Jeff Hanneman's Circle Pit!