Add violence? He'd rather not. According to TMZ, Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor has filed a restraining order against his neighbor, claiming that the man has become increasingly threatening toward his family in recent months.

In the report, it's stated that Reznor's neighbor Nader Afshar recently expressed his hatred of the musician to one of Reznor's friends as he was leaving the house and on Christmas Eve, he spotted the neighbor in an open shirt, shorts and a Santa hat walking up and down the sidewalk ranting, "Rich people can do anything they want, but the Lord will get them in the end." The incident occurred as Reznor was outside playing with his kids.

According to the paperwork, the irrational behavior and increasing contempt led the musician to ask for the restraining order. The judge granted Reznor's request, asking Afshar to stay at least 10 yards away from the singer, his family and any employees who may be working at his residence. A court hearing on the matter has been set for next month.

Reznor and his band have changed things up a bit over the past year, issuing the first two of what is expected to be a trilogy of EPs. Not the Actual Events was issued the final week of 2016, while Add Violence arrived last July. The third EP is reportedly in the works, but Reznor has also been busy on the side with musical score work and the occasional live shows.

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