Trivium are a band that always keeps their fans on seat's edge when they're about to drop a new album. They have an established history of exploring a dynamic range of sounds with each album possessing something unique among the ever-growing Trivium catalog. Each time a new song is released before an album comes out, it's exciting not knowing exactly what to expect and that holds true for their latest single, "Betrayer," off the forthcoming The Sin and the Sentence.

"Betrayer" lays on a heavier dose of black metal than we've heard in a lot of Trivium's past, dominated by melodic tremolo-picked guitar lines that are pushed forward by a bevy of double kicks from the imaginative new drummer Alex Bent. The song opens with frontman Matt Heafy screaming the song's title after a frenetic drum fill, but the aggression subsides in favor of his clean singing shortly after. Overall, the song is a masterful blend of dissonance, melody and anthemic moments against some otherwise groove-laden and aggressive parts.

With the fevered title track and the more rock-leaning "The Heart From Your Hate" already released, fans should begin to piece together a reasonable idea of what to expect from Trivium's eighth studio album. While there's a number of different styles in play at any moment, the band has managed to tie these varying sonic facets together in a cohesive manner with tremendous effect.

The Sin and the Sentence will be out later this week on Oct. 20 through Roadrunner Records. Pre-orders for the album can be placed at here and look for Trivium out on the road on their co-headlining North American tour with Arch Enemy starting Oct. 27. Support will come from While She Sleeps and Fit for an Autopsy and a list of all upcoming stops can be found at this location.

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