The Finnish folk metal horde Turisas will release their fourth full-length opus 'Turisas2013' on Sept. 3 via Century Media Records. It will get an August 26 European release.

With 'Turisas2013,' the band deliberately aimed for a more organic sound. Vocalist Mathias "Warlord" Nygard says, "When it comes to the production it's just the opposite of the polished and massive 'Stand Up and Fight.' It's raw and dry and in your face, but still maintaining that Turisas-largeness."

Nygard adds, "People attest to us that we are a great live band and we wanted the album to be based more around that than orchestral massiveness. It's our most varied record to date and even if some of the songs sound very different, I think the common thread is that every single one has a lot of energy to it."

Nygard also produced the album, the majority which was recorded in a remote house outside of Helsinki by Nygard and guitarist Jussi Wickstrom. The mixing and mastering was done by London-based producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost B.C., Primordial).

Turisas are playing several European festivals this summer. They'll also be on tour with Ensiferum, Equilibrium and Suidakra beginning in September.