If you missed out on seeing Two Minutes to Late Night when the pilot aired this summer, you're, well... missing out! Spoofing on late night television programs, the show embraces heavy metal themes with undeniable hilarity and in this new sketch, host Gwarsenio Hall finds himself embroiled in a legal battle against the Scumdogs of the Universe for using the GWAR name.

The video opens up with the host and Mutoid Man's Steve Brodsky outside of a GWAR show, ready to play the new game "GWAR You Smarter Than a Merch Guy" when they get served by a demonic, hooded figure. Gwarsenio Hall then learns that the band is suing him and the scene cuts to a roundtable meeting with the group's lawyer, Penis Maximus (or "Miss Jackson" if you're nasty).

"Boys, this is a very serious GWARsuit. By piggybacking onto the established brand of the Scumdogs of the Universe, you have dragged our good name through the proverbial mud that we like to drag ourselves in and out of," began Penis Maximus. Hall defends himself declaring that the name is a pun, adding, "America runs on puns," but his pleas are to no avail as Maximus lays down the suit: $2 million!

To find out what happens, watch the video above and have a few laughs!

In other GWAR news, the band announced earlier this month that the annual GWAR-B-Q festival will be postponed in 2017 as the band focuses on their first studio album since the death of Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus).

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