It's been a good day for Tom DeLonge. The estranged Blink-182 vocalist has now seen the U.S. Navy officially publish three purported UFO videos that were previously published by the New York Times.

The videos come from DeLonge's To the Stars Academy research group and had gained attention upon their previous release, but the U.S. Navy decision to recognize the footage adds another stamp of credibility to the clips.

The clips have been titled FLIR.mp4, GOFAST.wmv and GIMBAL.wmv and they were initially published in 2017. To get a closer look, head here at the Navy's Freedom of Information Act page.

You can see the FLIR1 video below. It comes with a description that reads, "FLIR1 is the second of three US military videos of unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) that has been through the official declassification review process of the United States government and approved for public release. It is the only official footage captured by a US navy F/A-18 Super Hornet present at the 2004 Nimitz incident off the coast of San Diego."

The description continues, "Like Gimbal, this footage comes with crucial chain-of-custody (CoC) documentation because it is a product of US military sensors, which confirms it is original, unaltered, and not computer generated or artificially fabricated. While there have been leaked versions on the internet, the CoC establishes the authenticity and credibility that this version is the original footage taken from one of the most advanced sensor tracking devices in use."

The videos have also reportedly been investigated by the Air Force's Motherboard organization. Now comes the Navy recognition. No further additional information was revealed about the videos, but the recognition by the U.S. Navy.

DeLonge tweeted about the Navy's posting the videos, as seen below:

FLIR1: Official UAP Footage from the USG for Public Release

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