This music video premiere comes from the icy depths of Siberia, a natural conduit for windswept, nightmarish black metal. Ultar profess their love for horror writer H.P. Lovecraft on their new album, Pantheon MMXIX, and you can hear a preview with the video for "Father Dagon" above.

Ultar's brand of black metal can be equated to an amalgam of Cradle of Filth (those tea kettle vocal shrieks), Nightbringer and Darkspace. Cinematic overtones drive "Father Dagon" as darkly melodic leads weave in and out of the concussive dissonance.

"'Father Dagon' is about the dark side of relationships with older generations," state the band. "We unconsciously absorb their habits, and ways of thinking and this can remain unnoticed to us for some time. But the older you get, the more these bonds start to appear. Sometimes, people start to worship them blindly like ancient humanity to their Elder Gods. This is caused by the guilt of unjustified expectations, laid by parents. Sometimes you can hurt yourself trying to meet and fit someone else's standards. You hear this call and it can lead you deep under the water, to those depths, where no light exists. Open your eyes and fight it."

Pantheon MMXIX comes out on March 29 through Temple of Torturous and can be pre-ordered here. You can follow the band on Facebook and Instagram.

Ultar, Pantheon MMXIX Album Art + Track Listing

Temple of Torturous
Temple of Torturous

1. Father Dagon
2. Shub-Niggurath
3. Yog-Sothoth
4. Worms
5. Au Seuil
6. Behind the Wall of Sleep
7. Swarm

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