Revisionist are a four-piece hardcore band from Wichita, Kansas, set to release their six-track EP 'The Emptiness of Gravity' on May 21. Since they take a lot of influence from early metalcore, we asked them for their picks for the Most Underrated 2000s Metalcore Albums and, well, the dudes dug deep. Real deep. Check out their new video for "Salient Rite" below and scope those picks!

2000s Metalcore was such a wild ride. If one word had to sum it up, it would be

As a band we have taken this to heart and pulled so much inspiration from this period of music. Joshua Barbee, guitar, is our honorary riff bank. He’s always got something cooking up his sleeve, our only problem is where to put them all.

Max Abood, bass, always helps to smooth things out and let’s be honest — his bass tone is scrumptious. Joshua Peavey, drums, brings life to our live show. Paying homage to the ones who came before, watching him play is like a time warp back to the “good old days” of playing outside in the dirt under some big white canopy.

Eric Martin, vocals, brings a sense of direction to the Revisionist “riff storm.” His range and creativity have definitely elevated our sound.

Taking a look back at 00’s metalcore, molds were being broken and it felt like creativity was at an all-time high. There were no real rules, just write heavy riffs and make sure you meant it. The early days came with a sense of community thanks in part to budding social media, but also — and mostly — to festivals like Cornerstone, Furnace Fest, Hellfest and so many others.

Riffs have always been true north for us. When in doubt, riff it out.

We owe that to 2000’s metalcore, so when asked to come up with 10 of the most underrated metalcore records of the 2000s, we just couldn’t say no.

All of us are different ages and come from different backgrounds, so we tried to make sure we added a little something for everyone. No matter how you feel about these bands, we believe they shaped metalcore, and we wouldn’t be the band we are — with the platform we have — without them.

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Revisionist, "Salient Rite" Music Video

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