Swedish melodic metal / metalcore legends At the Gates are out! In an extremely close battle, Unearth were able to knock off At the Gates with the new track 'The Swarm.' Now that Unearth are progressing forward towards our Death Match Hall of Fame, they've got to knock off a group of English up-and-comers.

Riding high off their 2012 album, 'Monolith,' Sylosis are ready to bring their career to the next level with 'Dormant Heart.' From their upcoming 2015 album, Sylosis have unleashed 'Mercy' to massive acclaim from fans.

Can Unearth continue on their path to immortality? Or will Sylosis show no mercy against their foes? The answer will come with your votes. Choose your favorite track in the poll below!

(This Death Match ends on Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 10AM ET. Fans can vote once per hour! So come back and vote often to make sure your favorite song wins!)

Unearth, 'The Swarm'

Sylosis, 'Mercy'

Rules of Death Match

Two bands fight to the death each week. Fans can vote once per hour. The triumphant band goes on to complete in the next Death Match. If a band wins four straight Death Matches, its song will be honored as immortal in the Loudwire Death Match Hall of Fame.

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