Unto Others, the Oregon-based goth metal band formerly known as Idle Hands, just released new album Strength last month. But due to the season, they've returned in short order with two new songs from their limited 7" single called I Believe in Halloween.

Those tunes, "Out in the Graveyard" and "Dalmation," were made available to stream exclusively via Bandcamp on Thursday for 10 days only. After Oct. 31, the tracks will solely be available physically on the vinyl and cassette from Unto Others' own Lone Fir Records.

Hear the songs toward the bottom of this post.

Unto Others vocalist-guitarist Gabe Franco tells Decibel, "I've been sitting on the idea of a Halloween 7" for a couple years now. I wanted to do this back in 2019, actually, as I already had 'Out in the Graveyard' written, but there was simply not enough time for it."

He adds, "These songs were considered for Strength, but the record was already crowded and I felt they needed their own platform. I jumped at the chance to finally do a Halloween release."

The title of the single, Franco continues, "alludes to imagination. For Halloween, that means death and fear, both of which only hold power if you believe in them. So you have two horror stories. In 'Out in the Graveyard, a young man dances with death during an unfortunate walk through the local cemetery. On 'Dalmatian,' man's best friend is not all that he seems; a young boy hears whispers from his loyal companion, pushing us to ask ourselves, who is the servant, and who is the master?"

Listen to I Believe in Halloween below or at untootherspdx.bandcamp.com. Pre-orders for the physical editions are at lonefirrecords.com.

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Unto Others, I Believe in Halloween

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