There are few former rock music couples more famous than Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, so perhaps it's no great shock that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox dressed as them for Halloween this year. Likewise, the fact that fans have reacted in a multitude of ways is no less surprising.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly yesterday (Oct. 29), the romantic pair attended tequila brand Casamigos’ Halloween party in Beverly Hills this past Friday (Oct. 28). While there, they captured how Lee and Anderson looked at the 1995 grand opening of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Specifically, Kelly emulated Lee’s famous white tank top and leather pants while Fox seemingly adorned Anderson’s eye-catching red and pink latex dress and blonde hair. Of course, Kelly played Lee in the 2019 film The Dirt, so the decision to dress like him this year makes sense.

In addition to posting two photos for a side-by-side comparison between the two couples, Kelly uploaded to Instagram a short video of himself snorting, well, something off of Fox’s chest before kissing her.

The clip’s caption reads, “happy Halloween virgins 👼🏼,” and you can see it below:

As expected, their costumes garnered a lot of reactions on social media. For instance, one Instagram follower replied to Kelly’s post: “Hahha this is next level.” In contrast, someone commented on Entertainment Weekly’s Facebook page: “That’s a whole lotta train wreck there.”

Predictably, Twitter users were equally mixed, as you can see by scrolling down:

What do YOU think of their decision to dress as Lee and Anderson? Let us know!

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