Do you believe in ghosts? Staff members from these 11 concert venues do. Whether flawlessly documented or steeped in urban legend, the tragic events tied to these venues have given them a reputation for paranormal activity.

If you watch paranormal shows such as Ghost Hunters, chances are you're familiar with some of these venues. The 100-year-old Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls, N.Y. was on Ghost Hunters and even holds private ghost hunting tours, where patrons have heard doors opening and closing, disembodied footsteps and keys jingling down the halls.

Someone ever tell you to "Go to Hell"? You could hedge their bet at Bobby Mackey's in Kentucky. Legend has it, there's a portal to the underworld in the basement. We're unsure if any poor souls have been lost to the venue cellar, but there's been at least one documented exorcism that took place at Bobby Mackey's.

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Even Royal Albert Hall, one of the world's most famous venues, is apparently haunted. Reports of ghostly women giggling through the halls have surrounded the site for decades. Royal Albert Hall even keep track of paranormal claims on their official website, dating all the way back to 1871.

Check out these 11 Music Venues That Are Reportedly Haunted in the gallery below.

11 Music Venues That Are Reportedly Haunted

Have you been to one of these venues?

Gallery Credit: Graham Hartmann

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