What could possibly be better than listening to "Black No. 1" over Halloween weekend? Listening to "Black No. 1" while enjoying new "Blackberry No. 1" tinctures inspired by Type O Negative.

The new Type O Negative-inspired CBD option just launched today (Oct. 28) through makers Whole Organix as the first offering in an "artist branded label" they are starting to roll out.

Pre-sales are now open here, and if you're one of the first 1,000 people to place an order for Volume 1, you'll also get a special limited, numbered edition with Type O Negative-themed packaging and a letter of authenticity card. As described on the official website, the product has a "rich blood-red color, blackberry taste, and 100 milligrams of CBD per serving."

Houston-based Whole Organix is family-run and was co-founded by David Weekley, a former thermal analyst for NASA working at the International Space Station, according to a press release, who "connected to the benefits of cannabis through his deep roots in music." Today, the Whole Organix line offers a range of plant-based products though this is their first venture into artist-themed options.

There's no word yet on what other artists may be coming, but we'll make a strong bet one of them is not Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson as we'd guess he's probably not a fan of the idea, given how he ripped into some MJ-smoking concertgoers at a recent show.

As for Type O Negative, the Brooklyn goth metal masters have a few new items themselves to release, including a reissue of their second album The Origin of the Feces accompanied by a Scratch N' Sniff sticker that smells like god-knows-what as well as a special reissue of their last album Dead Again (out Nov. 25) for its 15th anniversary.

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