Polish death metal titans Vader will return this year with a new album and EP! Vader’s 11th studio album, The Empire, will see a Nov. 4 release date while the band’s new EP, Iron Times, will be out on Aug. 12.

Vader’s legacy of brutal death metal dates back to 1983 and frontman Piotr Wiwczarek has been unrelenting since The Ultimate Incantation was released in 1992. With modern classics like Litany and De Profundis under Vader’s belt, fans are eager for the next chapter in Vader’s career.

“I am so excited to announce the new Vader album, which will be released by Nuclear Blast again! The Empire, which is the title of the upcoming full length, is planed to be out at the end of 2016,” says Wiwczarek. “However, we prepared limited EP called Iron Times yet in August! There are two new trax included plus two bonus songs. All will be available in beautiful folded 10” vinyl, for which Joe Petagno himself created an amazing cover.”

Vader’s Iron Times EP will feature two tracks from The Empire on Side A and two bonus tracks on Side B. Album art, pre-order info and the track listing for The Empire will come soon.

Vader, Iron Times EP Track Listing:

Side A
01. “Parabellum”
02. “Prayer To The God Of War”

Side B
01. “Piesc I Stal”
02. “Overkill”

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