Hop aboard the wings of Vader’s “Angels of Steel.” The Polish death metallers have just released the new track, which is somewhat of a throwback to Vader’s thrash roots.

Vader’s new album may be called The Empire, but sorry Star Wars fiends, it’s not a concept record inspired by your favorite film series. The act’s 11th album will, however, leave you looking like a de-masked elder Skywalker… in the best way possible.

Vader have already given us unrelenting cuts with “Prayer to the God of War” and “Parabellum,” so it seems like the Vader of old has re-emerged for The Empire. The drums on “Angels of Steel” are unbelievably tight with some tasty fills adding some hearty beef to the new track.

Frontman Piotr Wiwczarek recently spoke of how The Empire’s album art speaks to the music within. “The whole design includes many details connected to the main theme influencing me before and during the process of recording: war and the 'cold crisis' around us today,” says Piotr. “There are also links to couple of famous movie series, which influence the generations and erupt with violence, hate and 'imperial tendencies'... Is this just a fantasy or maybe a sign of the 21st century generation? You have to answer that in your own... and the future will show us how real that feeling is."

Vader’s The Empire will see a Nov. 4 release date, so click here to pre-order the album!

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