It's an age-old question. Which classic Van Halen vocalist does one prefer, David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar? Well, current Van Halen bassist and EVH progeny Wolfgang Van Halen has offered his two cents on the issue.

A listener might think the son of Eddie Van Halen would have a biased opinion on the matter. After all, Wolfgang has only performed in the band with Roth as lead singer. But when asked for his preference this week, the 29-year-old musician remained impartial on the polarizing rock 'n' roll topic.

"They both kick ass," Wolfgang responded on Twitter Aug. 23. (The original question has since been deleted.) "The war is dumb. Enjoy whatever you want and don't hate someone else if they don't like what you like."

He continued with a nod to his father, the creative mainstay of Van Halen: "The same guy wrote the music too, so you're doing yourself a disservice for not at the VERY least checking the other side out."

The diplomatic reply from Wolfgang didn't seem to please everybody, however. Following his statement, some pressed the bassist to choose one side or the other.

Added one Twitter user, "Yes, but he's asking for your preference? Which era of VH do YOU personally prefer?"

"BOTH," Wolfgang bluntly reiterated.

Did the Van Halen bassist and onetime Tremonti member give the question the runaround? Perhaps, but Wolfgang appeared to advocate for the best of both worlds earnestly.

Further, the respect he offered each vocalist has come across as reciprocal. Last month, Hagar even commended Wolfgang on his approach to music.

Meanwhile, the bass player is currently working on his first solo album.

Twitter: @WolfVanHalen
Twitter: @WolfVanHalen

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