HIM singer Ville Valo is back with new EP, Gothica Fennica Vol. 1, featuring three brand new songs that sound just like, you guessed it — HIM!

The frontman has mostly been quiet since HIM's dissolution in 2017, which left many fans wondering what his next move would be. Last year, he surfaced with the project Ville Valo & Agents whose self-titled record was based on songs by late Finnish rocker Rauli "Badding" Somerjoki, and now he's entered the solo arena.

While it's only three songs, the EP is a promising start and the Vol. 1 designation suggests this is only the beginning of Valo's solo career.

"Salute the Sanguine" (which could easily be nestled somewhere on HIM's Dark Light), "Run Away From the Sun" and "Saturnine Saturnalia" each explore varying moods spanning from twinkling lullaby-like melodies and mournful, forlorn passages, all perfectly befitting of the gothic crooner.

Listen to each track below.

In March of 2017, HIM revealed that they would be embarking on a farewell tour, stating, "After a quarter of a century of Love and Metal intertwined we sincerely feel HIM has run its unnatural course and adieus must be said in order to make way for sights, scents and sounds yet unexplored. We completed the pattern, solved the puzzle and turned the key. Thank you."

Ville Valo, "Salute the Sanguine"

Ville Valo, "Run Away From the Sun"

Ville Valo, "Saturnine Saturnalia"

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