In April, we reported that Vince Neil was involved in a physical altercation with actor Nicholas Cage following an incident where the Motley Crue singer allegedly pulled an autograph seeker to the ground by her hair. According to TMZ, Neil has now been charged with misdemeanor battery.

If found guilty, Neil could be sentenced up to six months in jail for the charge. The frontman claims he was innocent and merely brushed past the woman, but security footage allegedly shows him dragging her to the ground by her hair. The woman has since claimed neck, back and hip injuries as a result of the act.

Neil, Cage and comedian Carrot Top were having lunch together at the Aria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on April 8. TMZ had previously reported that alcohol was consumed during their lunch and that security issues had prevented them from leaving the Aria for over an hour. When they were finally allowed to leave, the woman pursued an autograph from Cage and Neil then got physical with her. Cage was seen putting the singer in a headlock attempting to restrain him and calm the matter down.

Since December of 2015, the Crue frontman has experienced a myriad of highs and lows, appearing as a Celebrity Apprentice contestant raising $200,000 for charity as well as starting work on a new solo album.  In December, he was cited for wasting water at his California home, using 2,200 gallons a day, exceeding the 1,000 gallon daily limit. He was also accused of defrauding investors of his arena football team, the Las Vegas Outlaws. Additionally, New Year's Eve of 2015 marked Motley Crue's final performance together.

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