Yes, Motley Crue just signed a legal document that states that they no longer will be able to tour after they complete a worldwide run of shows through 2015. However, the 'Final Tour' may not be end of the band as a whole. Speaking to 'Shmonty and Conklin in the Morning' radio show on KDKB in Phoenix, singer Vince Neil stated that there's been a lot of speculation about what it would take for them to reunite and he also discussed their future beyond the tour.

Neil explains that just because the band will no longer tour doesn't mean they'll reach the end as a creative entity. He says, "Here's the thing. Motley Crue's not breaking up. We're still gonna be making music. We're still [gonna be selling] merchandise and stuff like Motley Crue things." He added that doing a full album may not be likely, but it's not out of the question that the band might release the occasional song. He explains, "We'll probably just make music -- do songs for certain things. Motley Crue will still be around, we're just not gonna tour anymore. That's really kind of it."

As to whether the band would play a one-off show following the 'Final Tour,' Neil says, "Somebody just brought up … 'Okay, how about this? If a Saudi prince had a birthday party for his daughter and gave you $10 million each, would you do it?' [And we wouldn't.] It's like everybody's looking for the loophole, for the gray area. We're done." He did add though, "Another thing they said, 'If you're inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, would you get back together?' Probably so, but that would probably be it. I mean, there's no more touring."

Editors Note: It was actually Loudwire that asked the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame question. Check out his original answer in our exclusive Q&A with the singer and bassist Nikki Sixx by clicking the button below.

Motley Crue's 'The Final Tour' launches July 2 in Grand Rapids, Mich., with Alice Cooper opening the trek. Listen to the full interview with KDKB here.