Renowned Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul worked harmoniously with his late brother Dimebag, locking in some sort of subconscious groove that gave way to heavy metal domination. The finesse that Vinnie Paul possesses could never have been replicated in Pantera. He has the swing that drives the aggressive music, the rigidity that gives it the power, and the precision that elevates the rest of the band. Since Pantera, the skinsman has kept busy, joining his brother in Damageplan and now wrecking necks with the southern metal band Hellyeah.

Lamb of God forged their sound in the fires made by Testament and Pantera. Since their formation, they have found their own way and have carried over the energy from the aforementioned bands into a new era. Drummer Chris Adler’s work gives nods to his opponent here, but the man’s footwork is of special note. The kick drum often accents a lot of Lamb of God’s music, which is something a little more subtle, but certainly more unique and a style Adler can call his.

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