German thrashers Vulture have just released a music video for "Malicious Souls," the first single off their upcoming third full length album, DealinDeath, which arrives on May 21 on Metal Blade.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Vulture, the band formed in 2015 and first released the Victim of the Blade EP the following year, which introduced the group as the latest to pay sincere tribute to the genre's earliest days.

Most notably, they draw as much influence from the Bay Area style as they do the "Teutonic 4" (Kreator, Destruction, Sodom and Tankard) from their native country, with shades of NWOBHM lead guitar playing.

Dealin' Death comes two years after the release of Ghastly Waves and Battered Graves, which was their first under Metal Blade. "Malicious Souls" is the first proper song on the new record (following the introductory passage) and three-plus-minute dose of serrated, circle-pit thrash and tightrope-walking solos.

"Take all our key elements - fierce riffing, halftone-shifts, aggressive vocals, huge toms, changing dynamics, horror-synths and classical twin guitar harmonies and cast it in a mould, then you have Dealin' Death," said guitarist Stefan Castevet. "The result sounds a little 'back to the EP-ish' to my ears, yet it contains new approaches that we've never included in our sound so far, like choirs with harmonies."

Read the lyrics to "Malicious Souls" directly below and watch the music video further down the page, where you'll see the Dealin' Death artwork and track listing as well. Pre-order your copy of Vulture's new album here.

Vulture, "Malicious Souls" Lyrics

Caught, wide awake in your bed
As a brumous, crawling menace starts to spread

Malicious Souls
Longing for your blood
Sent to strike the iron
While it's gleamin' hot
Malicious Souls
Malicious Souls

They float, through dying screams, down every pore
Bones breakin' like branches, blood turns to gore

Decomposed and crooked
As you're drawn to join their ranks
Levitate, then conflate
An march on to the iron clanks

High after high and kill after kill
Life after life their rows will be filled

Malicious Souls
Malicious Souls
For less they will not settle

Malicious Souls
Malicious Souls
Death by High Speed Metal

Vulture, "Malicious Souls" Music Video

Vulture, Dealin' Death Album Art + Track Listing

Vulture, 'Dealin' Death'
Metal Blade

01. "Danger Is Imminent"
02. "Malicious Souls"
03. "Count Your Blessings"
04. "Gorgon"
05. "Star-Crossed City"
06. "Flee the Phantom"
07. "Below the Mausoleum"
08. "Dealin' Death"
09. "Multitudes of Terror"
10. "The Court of Caligula"



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