Here are Wage War's 10 favorite albums when they were teenagers, featuring selections by bassist Chris Gaylord, guitarist Seth Blake and drummer Stephen Kluesener.

The three members' teen years ranged from the mid 2000s to early 2010s, coming up in the aftermath of the massive metalcore explosion just a few years prior. It was a great era for post-hardcore, emo and, in general, the evolution of styles that became incredibly popular at the dawn of the new millennium.

The tastes of teen Chris, Seth and Stephen are well-reflected in the list below, but first...

What You Need to Know About Wage War

From: Ocala, Florida

First Album: Blueprints (2015)

New Album: STIGMA

Since their formation in 2010, Wage Ware have ascended to the highest ranks in metalcore and are one of its best stylistic innovators. The prevalence of beat-based influences in the scene has only continued to grow in recent years, but Wage Ware playfully engage this and many other elements.

"Magnetic," heard below, is a more radio-ready offering with cathartic melodies and instantly memorable hooks. It's one end of an extreme spectrum, which Wage War counter elsewhere with throat-punching heaviness.

Wage War, "Magnetic" Music Video

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"Our fifth album STIGMA is a collection of songs with their own identity," the band says. "Each song conveys a message and relatable emotion, without two being alike. We wrote the album over the course of the last couple years as a creative unified effort, which we hope is displayed by the continued sense of energy throughout the record. We aimed to refine our versatility and are excited to watch these songs come to life on the road."

See Wage War's favorite albums when they were teenagers below.

'STIGMA' is out now on Fearless Records and can be purchased here. Follow Wage War on Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook and visit the band's website to see all of their upcoming tour dates.

Wage War's 10 Favorite Albums When They Were Teenagers

Contributions by Chris Gaylord (bass), Stephen Kluesener (drums) and Seth Blake (guitar).

Gallery Credit: Wage War

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