It was a perfect mix of rock and shock this past weekend (Feb. 24) when Supernatural star Jensen Ackles was joined onstage by Corey Taylor for a cover of the Bon Jovi hit "Wanted Dead Or Alive" at the official fan convention for the long-running CW television series in Las Vegas, Nev.

Ackles had just performed the Allman Brothers Band classic "Whipping Post" with a band that includes Rob Benedict on guitar, who also plays God (aka Chuck) on Supernatural. "I'm gonna ask to have some help form a friend of mine," the actor, who plays Dean Winchester on the show, says in the video which can be seen above. "You guys may know him, his name is Corey Taylor. If you guys know the band Slipknot, Stone Sour...this is the man."

"I am freaking...I feel like I won a contest, man," Taylor says after his introduction. The two then trade off on vocals for the song, a signature track released in 1986 by the New Jersey rockers.

Taylor, who has long been a fan of Supernatural, took to Twitter the morning after the performance. "I'm still s--tting myself. Thanks to the whole #SPN crew and the whole cast for being so [good] to me. Lifelong fan - SO AWESOME!!!!!"

His sentiments were echoed by Ackles, who posted a picture of the two performing to his Instagram account with the caption, "Go to Vegas and pretend you’re a rockstar next to an ACTUAL rockstar. Check and check! Thanks @coreytaylor for coming to play. You killed it bro."

Supernatural is currently in it's 13th season, having launched in the fall of 2005. The show follows the trials and tribulations of monster hunters Sam and Dean Winchester (the former played by actor Jared Padalecki). The series has long invoked music into its episodes, as the two often pose as FBI agents and other officials and take on the names of hard rock and metal aliases. Pasts seasons have seen them adopt the monikers of "Agents Page and Plant," "Dr. James Hetfield" "Agents Osbourne and Butler" and "Agents Angus and Young."

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