Eyehategod are currently on the road with headliners Discharge and support act Toxic Holocaust. The legendary New Orleans sludge pioneers were recently forced to tap Philip Anselmo as a stand-in singer for Mike IX Williams over the summer and recently recruited Lamb of God's Randy Blythe for their current tour as Williams focuses on his health. Footage has surfaced from the band's Portland, Ore. performance at Dante's from Oct. 7.

In the video above, Eyehategod tear into their 2012 single, "New Orleans Is the Vietnam," as guitarist Jimmy Bower flips off the crowd. The band's shows are notoriously hostile, often drawing comparisons to Black Flag's caustic reputation, perpetuated by Williams' engaging banter or self-deprecating humor. Blythe fills this void, at times appearing to be locked in a trance with 1,000 yard stares, breaking these moments with fitful bouts of energy and spot on shrieks reminiscent of Williams. More footage can be found below.

Before the onset of the tour, Williams endorsed Blythe as his stand-in, stating, “To have Mr. Blythe on board as a fill in for me on vocals for this run is a true ‘circle-stays-unbroken’ turn of events! Coming off the heels of Philip Anselmo doing vocals for Eyehategod on two high profile shows [last month’s performances at Southport Music Hall in New Orleans, La. and the 2016 edition of GWAR-B-Q in Richmond, Va. respectively], both of these men are at the top of their game. I am getting the medical help I need and will return to the band as soon as possible. Thank you, everybody…”

The Lamb of God frontman also expressed his gratitude, wishing the best for Williams on his road to recovery, adding, "I’ll be proud to do my bit on this tour and take the stage with what is undeniably one of the heaviest bands on earth. It will be a savage experience; I can promise you that. Let the down-to-earth-motherf–kin’-post-amplification-blues begin! Hail Mike IX.”

Blythe also recently stepped onstage with Icelandic sludge outfit Oni at Ozzfest Meets Knotfest. The group will be releasing their sophomore album, Ironshore, in November. For a list of remaining dates on the Discharge / Eyehategod / Toxic Holocaust tour, click here.

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