Update: Korn have posted the official pro-shot footage of their Louder Than Life performance of "A Different World" with Corey Taylor. Watch in the player above.

Late last week, Korn unveiled "A Different World," one of the most highly-anticipated songs of the year. Not only had they been building a buzz around The Serenity of Suffering, promising a heavy return to their classic early sound, the group had also excited fans over the news that Slipknot / Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor would guest on a track. Just days after being released, Taylor joined Korn onstage to perform the slugfest of a new tune as seen in the video above.

With Slipknot headlining Sunday night (Oct. 2) of the Louder Than Life Festival in Louisville, Ky., Taylor was on hand to step onstage with Korn, who played earlier in the afternoon. Following the See You on the Other Side cut "Coming Undone," Korn busted out the second new song of the night with "A Different World." As the song begins, a sea of hands giving the devil-horned salute bob with anthemic energy before returning to fans' sides as the subdued verse comes in.

Taylor walks onstage at the tail of the verse, delivering his feral bark as Jonathan Davis' clean voice provides the perfect moody juxtaposition. The Slipknot frontman then assumes his role over the second verse, working from nervous and timid clean vocals to seeing red as the atmosphere builds.

The Serenity of Suffering marks Korn's 12th studio album since their 1994 debut. The record will be out Oct. 21 through Roadrunner and fans can place their pre-orders through Amazon or digitally through iTunes. Korn are currently on a co-headlining jaunt with Breaking Benjamin. Get a list of remaining dates and more information here.

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