Living Colour brought their unique brand of hard rock funk to Late Night with Seth Meyers last night (Sept. 11), performing the new single "Come On" off their latest LP Shade, the band's first new disc in eight years. The performance can be seen in the video above.

Kicking off with a subdued Vernon Reid riff reminiscent of Curtis Mayfield's early '70s funk/soul guitar sound, the track builds as the powerful yet restrained Corey Glover belts out the chorus. At just over three minutes, it's a quick hit and run track, adding to the song's intensity.

In an online exclusive for the late night show, the band also performed the song "Wall," the politically charged track which originally closed out their 1993 effort Stain. That video can be viewed below.

Living Colour's latest album Shade came about after a tribute show performance to blues great Robert Johnson. After the performance the band decided to record a disc that was their interpretation of the blues. Recently, Glover sat down with Loudwire to talk about Shade and discussed the influence blues has had on not just the band, but him personally.

"When I was younger, I tell the story every now and then, I got into the blues and this is when the band first started," he says. "During the time that we were working with Mick Jagger — this is not a shameless namedrop at all, I swear to you. But I was talking to him about the blues and how I loved the blues and how I was really getting into it at that particular point in time."

"I was reading a lot of books about it," Glover continues. "I was studying it, really, as an intellectual exercise. We were in the studio with him and I saw him the next day and he came to me and gave me this mixtape. He made me a mix tape — all the blues records he had in his house, in New York City, and gave it to me. This is the stuff that he listened to that made him want to do what he was doing."

Living Colour's Shade was just released last week. You can pick it up via Amazon or iTunes.

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