Get those puns ready, as YouTube stars Pete Cottrell and Rob Lundgren are teaming up for an "egg" themed performance of Megadeth's "Symphony of Destruction."

Dubbing the performance "M-egg-adeth," guitarist Pete Cottrell recruited Lundgren for vocals as they managed to utilize a wealth of egg-themed sounds to back up their performance. "You'd be surprised how much low end you can get from a Cadbury's chocolate egg box," states Cottrell of the performance.

A closer look finds the usage of an egg shaker, the crushing of Cadbury's chocolate eggs, the rustling of the egg candy wrapper, the sound of actual eggs being cracked and the simmering noise that an egg yolk makes upon hitting a heated skillet all being worked into this performance. The guys also make the experimenting fun with a cleverly shot video, including coming up with special Megadeth-themed eggs for each member of the band.

Both Cottrell and Lundgren have their own YouTube accounts where they've taken on a variety of unique covers. Check out Pete Cottrell's site here, while Rob Lundgren's site can be found at this location.

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