Ozzy Osbourne is a household name around the world between Black Sabbath, his solo career, his hit television series The Osbournes and more. The Prince of Darkness, however, may remain elusive to some of the youngest ones, but they're about to get acquainted with the Osbourne family on the Disney XD series The 7D.

As seen in the video above (via Rolling Stone), Ozzy and his wife Sharon join their daughter Kelly in the recording studio, voicing the parents of Kelly's regularly featured character, Hildy Gloom. As the Duke and Duchess of Drear, the Osbourne couple are featured in the episode "Bummer Vacation," which will air tomorrow (July 30) at 9:30AM ET.

In the clip, Hildy Gloom exclaims her satisfaction over "the fancy-shmancy beachside resort," to which the Duke of Drear (Ozzy) replies, "Anything for you, lumpkin." The singer also sings a parody of "Crazy Train," though it is predictably difficult to understand exactly what he's saying aside from "Come from my crazy brain!"

Ozzy's return to television extends much further beyond a guest appearance on The 7D. The Black Sabbath frontman recently wrapped up shooting for a new program on the History Channel: Ozzy and Jack's World Detour. Teaming up with his son Jack, the father and son travel to historic sites like The Alamo, Stonehenge, Roswell and more. The series totals 10 episodes in all and made its debut on July 24.

Catch Ozzy from the comfort of your couch or on tour as Black Sabbath continue to wind down their farewell tour. The second leg of the North American run will start up on Aug. 17 in Wantagh, N.Y. For a list of all the stops on the trek, head to our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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