Don't you always wonder how the whole "SLLLLLAAAAAYYYYERRRRR!!!!!!!" thing started, becoming a long-standing meme before you even knew what memes were? It's so honest and visceral and in 1985, fans in New York were feeling it as Slayer rolled in, touring behind their second album, Hell Awaits.

The video below captured one minute of heavy metal mayhem with fans in a primeval state, flaunting their Raven and Venom shirts, yelling incoherently as bits and pieces like "METAL!!!" become intelligible. In an almost riotous state of excitement, they're all too eager to get some time in front of the camera.

For those headbangers too young to witness Slayer's onslaught of evil during their ascent, you're left with stories about how intense a Slayer show was. There's plenty of live footage to look back on, but this clip in particular captures the real essence, which was the fever pitch as metal began to truly take its place.

Young or old, a lot of you have already seen Slayer on their farewell tour which began earlier this year and has gone around the globe. Was it like this? And if you haven't seen them or need to catch them again before they hang it up for good, Slayer recently announced another North American tour leg, this time set for 2019. Joining them will be Lamb of God, Amon Amarth and Cannibal Corpse.

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