If you're looking for hard rock or metal, one of the last places you'll typically find it is on television singing competitions. Occasionally you might hear a track that rings a bell and enjoyed some crossover success, but for the most part it's rare that you'll catch hard rock and especially metal being represented, which is why it's refreshing that not only did one competitor take on a Slipknot classic, but he also earned a chair turn on the in progress sixth season Finnish edition of the hit TV series The Voice.

The singer in question is a man named Jani Korpela who has a band called Red Raven Down and for his audition he decided to take on Slipknot's "Psychosocial." The reactions from the coaches are priceless as a few of them seem perplexed by the song choice as well as Korpela's aggressive vocal tone, but as the song progresses, the vocalist shows the ability to handle a cleaner sound as well.

Lucky for Korpela, he had an ace in the hole as one of the coaches for The Voice in Finland is none other than Michael Monroe, the veteran rocker best known for his work in Hanoi Rocks and as a solo artist. And while the other coaches appear truly baffled, Monroe is all about Korpela's song choice, pushing his button midway through and literally jumping out of his chair and getting the audience to clap along with Korpela's performance.

While the critiques may be lost in translation if you don't speak the language, it's not hard to understand the enthusiasm that Monroe has for his new team member. Check out Korpela's rendition of "Psychosocial" above.

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