It's a dog eat dog world out there, but We Are Harlot are in a good place. The upstart rockers find themselves as judges of a beauty pageant in their new video for "The One," and let's just say it's good to be the judge.

The first clue should be that the competition is dubbed the "Miss Behavior" contest, with the bikini-clad competitors pushing and surpassing the boundaries of sportsmanship as they attempt to catch the eyes of the four rockers. It starts innocently enough with a few pageant walks before the ladies start to grind, shake and bare everything they've got.

As for the song, "The One" is a bit poppier than the music of frontman Danny Worsnop's past band, Asking Alexandria. While it does have a driving beat, it's decidedly more infectious with a more melodic hook.

"The One" follows in the footsteps of We Are Harlot's previously released single "Dancing on Nails." Both songs can be found on the band's upcoming self-titled debut disc. The album drops March 31 via Roadrunner Records and you can currently pre-order the set via iTunes.

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