It's been an interesting musical journey for Danny Worsnop, who was the frontman for Asking Alexandria, released an album with We Are Harlot back in March and is now working on completing his first solo album.

Worsnop, who recently launched an Instagram account, has been using the forum to tell the events that influenced and inspired his upcoming disc. The vocalist has spoken in the past about his woes with drugs and alcohol and it appears as though his dalliances with excess led him down a rather troubled path, but one that has him writing a very personal solo album.

The vocalist tells the story of his disc over four postings, each of which can be read below, while a fifth posting offers some insight into how he got into music in the first place.

For more insights from the rocker, be sure to subscribe to his Instagram account. And look for the new Danny Worsnop solo album coming in 2016.

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