The music world is no doubt reflecting today, as May 16, 2013, marks the third anniversary of the death of one of metal's giants, Ronnie James Dio. In late 2009, it was announced that Dio had been diagnosed with stomach cancer, and while the rocker fought the good fight, he eventually succumbed on May 16, 2010. On this third anniversary of his passing, Dio's manager, business partner, wife and love of his life, Wendy Dio, has offered a tribute to the late vocalist.

Dio's life in metal is well chronicled. Though he began playing in the late '50s, his first band of note was the Electric Elves, who eventually shortened their name to Elf. The group lasted from 1967-1975, at which point Dio left to join Ritchie Blackmore in Rainbow. His four-year stint there gained him plenty of attention and eventually he was selected to take over for the departing Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath from 1979-1982. In 1982, Dio finally took the reins on his own self-titled band, which lasted from 1982-2010 with a variety of lineups. In 2006, Dio would reunite with his Black Sabbath cohorts, using the name Heaven & Hell for their newly recorded music.

Wendy Dio posted her message on the Official Ronnie James Dio Fan Page on Facebook, stating:

Today is a difficult day for all of us. It has been three years since Ronnie's passing. Sometimes it feels like only yesterday and sometimes it feels like an eternity ago. Please take a moment of silence sometime in the day to remember him on this Anniversary of his death. I know you all loved him, and I thank you for keeping his music and his memory alive.

I take comfort in this old prayer I would like to share with you.

I cannot speak, but I can listen,
I cannot be seen, but I can be heard,
I am in the song you hear,
I am in the breeze you feel...
I am in the stars you see
I am still with you.

Peace be with all of us.

Loudwire joins with the rest of the music community in taking the time today to reflect on the life and legacy of Ronnie James Dio. \m/