Our favorite colors can say a lot about us. They have an impact on our thoughts, emotions and behaviors every day. The colors we love often embody the very essence of who we are under the hood.

This is especially true in the rock and metal world, as the music of our favorite artists can sonically represent the traits associated with each color. Many artists even have colors represented in their names (Black Sabbath, Code Orange, and Pink Floyd just to name a few), but we'll tackle that a bit more in-depth in a bit here.

The study of how color affects our personality traits is known as color psychology. A recent piece published by Big Think took a look at the concept, so, of course, we wanted to apply it rock and metal fans and bands!

Want to know what kind of person you are? Take a look below to see what your favorite color says about you, and even find out which artists embody the traits of certain colors.

  • Black

    This is undoubtedly the most commonly thought of color when it comes to rock and metal.

    If your favorite color is black, we get it, you're pretty serious (maybe a little too serious). You're probably dark and a little pessimistic, but that's okay. You're a unique individual and there's nothing wrong with that.

    Artists who embody traits of the color black: Type O Negative, Black Sabbath (of course), Korn

  • Red

    This is probably the second color everyone thinks of when they think of rock or metal.

    If your favorite color is red, odds are you're a bit more outgoing and upfront than most, have a sense of adventure and are constantly looking for new ways to get an adrenaline rush. Sure, your impulses may sometimes get the best of you and you might intimidate others, but that’s just life, isn’t it?

    Artists who embody red traits: Ozzy Osbourne, System of a Down, Devin Townsend (all his bands)

  • Orange

    Orange may not be commonly thought of when thinking of rock or metal, but it's pretty commonly used (and not just by Code Orange).

    If your favorite color is orange, you're probably the social one in your friend group. You're a free and creative spirit who enjoys parties and other social events. You're an outright extrovert and that's fine, every friend group needs one.

    Artists who embody orange traits: Van Halen, Motley Crue, Andrew W.K. (even though he only wears white)

  • Yellow

    Probably a much more subtle color in the world of rock and metal, yellow typically embodies the positive side of things.

    If you're a fan of yellow, odds are you're a kind and adventurous spirit who sees the good in everything. You're known for your optimism and your infectious cheerful energy.

    Artists who embody yellow traits: Dragonforce, Twisted Sister, Greta Van Fleet

  • Blue

    Blue isn't often thought about when it comes to rock or metal, but it has certainly been used and embodied by many.

    If you're a fan of blue, you're probably a laid back, easygoing type of person. You're peaceful and compassionate, but still strong. Just because you aren't particularly bold doesn't mean you're soft.

    Artists who embody blue traits: Tool, Spiritbox, Alice In Chains

  • Green

    Another not so commonly used color in the rock and metal world (outside of Type O Negative and Overkill, at least), green has been known to represent growth and wellness.

    If your favorite color is green, you're likely a very practical person. You're down-to-earth and you enjoy helping others. On the flip side however, it's possible you're the jealous type as well.

    Artists who embody green traits: Dio, Alice Cooper

  • Purple

    Known to represent power, wisdom, and spirituality, purple is a color that definitely has a place in the rock and metal world.

    If you're a fan of this color, odds are that you thrive on creativity and crave individualism. You're the type of person who's able to tune it all out and focus on what you want. It's your world, and we're just living in it.

    Artists who embody purple traits: Rush, Muse, Thrice

  • White

    The literal opposite of black, white has long been the color of purity, peace and order.

    If this is your favorite color, you probably get along with the blue folks. You're calm, peaceful and you like things clean and orderly. Your grounded personality likely offsets the more bold energy of those around you. You are the great equalizer.

    Artists who embody white traits: Fleetwood Mac, The Police, Pink Floyd

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