At the end of each month, Twitch and YouTube personality Nik Nocturnal will be recapping the most viral rock and metal news that had whole internet buzzing in a Loudwire video series.

The last month has given us plenty of Metallica-Stranger Things crossover love, with the hugely popular Netflix series helping to put Metallica's 36-year-old "Master of Puppets" back on the map again for a new generation of fans and creating one of the year's breakout characters in Eddie Munson.

Though not giving away exactly why that song resonated so much within the storytelling of the most previous season, Nocturnal says, "It's probably the best part of the whole series to be honest," and later adding of all the recent surge of Metallica love courtesy of Stranger Things,  "I just love seeing old classic bangers come back through mainstream ways and being popularized. Why not? Win, win, win."

And also on the unexpected "metal" side this month, you've got Muse who laid down arguably their heaviest track to date with "Kill or Be Killed." A breakdown and a death growl are probably the last thing you'd expect from the spacy alt-rock outfit, but as Nocturnal states, "I want to see more of this happen and I just love that Muse is into it."

There's plenty more to check out with Nik delving offering his reactions to fans not realizing Rage Against the Machine are political, an unwanted birthday gift and thoughts on the pending Slipknot music that's on the horizon.

Watch the video directly below to catch up and/or revisit the most attention-grabbing moments from the last month.

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