Thanks to Kerrang!, we have a new installment of the "What Corey Taylor Thinks" series. Today, it's all about Slipknot's brand new single "The Dying Song (Time to Sing)," which they dropped yesterday (July 19) along with the announcement of their seventh studio album The End, So Far.

During the interview, Taylor discussed what "The Dying Song (Time to Sing)" means to him, which has a lot to do with his perspective of our society. For more context, you can check out the lyrics to the song here.

“To me, it just seems like it’s all the outrage and none of the punishment,” he began. "For the last few years it’s been very trendy to be offended and outraged by everything, and yet nothing happens – especially in my country, which is just fucking ridiculous. It’s almost like the tables have turned, and the more angry people get, the more the people who they’re mad at just double-down on the shit."

"Instead of there being cause and effect, or crime and punishment, now it’s just like, ‘Fuck you, we don’t care,'" he continued. "And it’s almost like people are ringing the doomsday bell. You’re sitting there going, ‘Well, it’s been fun! Everybody, pick up your trash when you’re leaving, and I’ll see you in Hell!’ That’s kind of what that song is. It’s just like, ‘If we don’t figure it out, I’ll see you when the meteor hits, basically.’”

The frontman admitted that he's essentially lost all hope for humanity as a result of witnessing societal turmoil throughout his entire life, and he thinks it takes really catastrophic events for change to even remotely begin to take place.

"It’s like, ‘If you motherfuckers want to kill each other, go ahead. I’m just gonna stand back and will not be in the line of fire,’ because I’m tired of the idiocy. I can only watch stupid shit for fucking so long. So yeah, it’s me basically going, ‘Go ahead, just fucking beat the living shit out of each other and see what happens,'" he concluded.

The End, So Far will be out Sept. 30 on Roadrunner Records — pre-order/save it here now. Slipknot will also head out on tour with Ice Nine Kills and Crown the Empire for their Knotfest Roadshow a few days prior to its release. See the dates and get tickets here.

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