In this episode of The Needle & the Damage Done, Of Mice & Men drummer Tino Arteaga tells us the stories behind his many tattoos.

This clip was shot on-site at the 2018 Inkcarceration Festival, which was held at the Ohio State Reformatory. The Mansfield, Ohio prison is most famous as the shooting location for The Shawshank Redemption.

One of the most important tattoos Tino sports was given to him by a friend who has since passed away, while his most painful was surely under his lower lip. As for his remaining cluster, the drummer got Of Mice & Men’s logo, the word “music” in Japanese script and a pepper shaker.

In this video, Tino tells the story of his Japanese tattoo getting wildly infected on tour. “My whole leg was red. It looked like a rising sun behind it. Corey Taylor goes, ‘Damn! That thing’s infected, dude!’ Everyone was like, complementing me on how cool the rising sun looked. It was just this insanely infected tattoo.”

Check out Tino’s tattoos in the video above and get ready for the 2019 Inkcarceration Festival on July 12-14. Tickets go on sale soon and the 2019 lineup will be revealed in January.

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