Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach and Poison frontman Bret Michaels have written lengthy tributes to Whitney Houston upon the sudden news of her death today (Feb. 11). Both musicians expressed deep sadness at the news, and wrote about how they were touched personally by Houston and her music.

Sebastian Bach's full Facebook post on Whitney Houston:

This is hitting me hard. I used to sing ALL of Whitney Houstons songs all the time. I absolutely loved her voice. I practiced along to her songs countless times & her music affects me deeply. I cannot believe how temporary life is. How fragile music is. Everything you know, everything you hold dear can be ripped away at a moments notice & you won't even see it coming. I always figured Whitney would record another record that would blow us all away. So sad that was not meant to be. 48 years old? Ugh. It makes me sick. Such a loss RIP Whitney Houston My condolences to my friend Bobby Brown & his children.

Bret Michaels' full Facebook post on Whitney Houston:

My deepest condolences to Whitney Houston's family and friends.

I first met Whitney when we were in Rome on tour. I couldn't sleep so I went down to the lobby. There she was sitting on the couch reading a book, apparently she couldn't sleep either. We sat and hung out chatting for quite a while. She was awesome. Over the years, we ran into each other at several other events, the most memorable being when we were performing in Rio for the Hollywood Rocks festival. I happened to walk up to my room from the pool where a bunch of us had been sitting and saw the news about the Northridge earthquake. I remember telling her, the guys from Aerosmith and others about the news...

Again... what a great person with a great voice and amazing talent. She will be missed.

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