The Mars Volta is not offended by people calling their new music 'yacht rock' and instead takes it as a compliment. In an interview with The GuardianOmar Rodriguez-Lopez says that he's "not bound by genre. The only thing that matters is if music makes you feel something."

"Some people might see it as betrayal,"says singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala.discussing their more pop-sounding music. "I've seen more people call it yacht rock. But yacht rock slaps so hard that hip-hop producers sample it all the time,"

The Mars Volta aren't afraid to lose fans, according to Rodriguez-Lopez, who states, "Losing 'fans' is baked into what we do. I don't know a greater happiness than losing 'fans.' A true fan is someone interested in what's happening now, and then there's everyone else trying to control what you do or project on to it." Bixler-Zavala adds, "The most revolutionary thing we could do would be to make a pop record, really."

The band split up in 2013, but have since reunited, working on their self-titled album in secret.

"Omar said The Mars Volta can be whatever we want it to be, which was refreshing as it sets the parameters of us not being a heritage act that relies on old songs," Bixler-Zavala says. "We can redefine what we are and move forwards. Our original feeling was that anything was possible and now, once again, it is."

The band's self-titled album, The Mars Volta, will be released on Sept. 16. and the group is kicking off their 20-date reunion tour on Sept. 22 at The Factory In Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas. Get your tickets here.

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