We've got something special for you this week, as Loudwire Nights is giving away a Motley Crue 40th Anniversary Shout at the Devil Limited Edition Box Set as the latest offering from our Loudwire Record Club!

When you think back to the '80s, it's hard not to think about the impact Motley Crue had and it largely started with their second album, Shout at the Devil. The album arrived on Sept. 23, 1983, featuring the title track along with "Looks That Kill," "Helter Skelter" and "Too Young to Fall in Love." The band's brash, no holds barred presence commanded arenas across the country as they started building their live legacy. The album itself peaked at No. 17 on the Billboard 200 album chart, and went on to be certified as a four times platinum seller in the U.S.

This is truly a special collection for the Motley Crue fan, with a mix of multiple formats celebrating this classic album. You'll get the original album remastered on Orange/Yellow Splatter LP along with the Shout at the Demos & Rarities Red/White Splatter LP. You get the Shout at the Devil album on both CD and cassette. There are also a white 7" of "Looks That Kill" and an orange 7" of "Too Young to Fall in Love."

The box set also comes with a number of specialty items. Among them are a devil beard with metal planchette, a metal pentagram 7" adapter, a pentagram felt bag, a devil candle holder, band member tarot cards, a 12" X 12" pentagram seance board and two 12" X 12" Shout at the Devil blood album cover litho art prints.

That's quite the package, Motley Crue fans. And Loudwire Nights wants you to have the chance to win this box set. Just simply fill out the entry form below with your details and we'll contact you if you were the one chosen to win the set. This contest runs through Friday, October 20 at 10AM ET, so you'll want to make sure you enter prior to then.

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